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We invest in diverse founding teams building the leading businesses of tomorrow

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The two founders of emma Ventures. Christian Diller on the left and Katja Baur on the left.

Our focus areas are Digital Healthcare, Software/SAAS, Fintech, Insurtech, Edtech, Foodtech and Consumer in the DACH region. We complement our portfolio with investments in selected VC funds both in Europe and the US.

We are very happy to take the lead in your next financing round, co-lead with other investors and/or VC funds or join you on your journey as a co-investor.


We back mission driven founders with diverse backgrounds who are passionate about building sustainable business models for a better tomorrow.

emma Ventures invests into early-stage companies and supports their founders on their journey to change the world for the better. We invest in creative, open-minded and impact-driven founders with brilliant minds. We have a strong focus on diverse teams in terms of gender, race or backgrounds as we strongly believe in their overperformance. Equally important, we look for companies on a mission to create a positive impact on society and environment.

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We empower extraordinary founders on their mission to build the future winners

Digital Healthcare






We know that building a company from scratch is very challenging. We bring in our own experience of fundraising, managing, financing, scaling, and exiting a company to a top tier corporate. We are not a VC fund with a large team but invest our own capital and are happy to support you whenever necessary. If there’s something we’re not personally expert in, we’ll pull in someone from our large global network built over the last two decades.


Experience and

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The two founders of Emma Ventures sitting at the same table. Left Katja Baur and right Christian Diller

Our team

Long-standing experience combined with empathy. We are a team of seasoned private equity and finance professionals and former founders.

Katja Baur

Katja is Co-founder and Managing Partner of emma Ventures. Having worked in senior management roles in Private Equity for close to 15 years, Katja’s passion is to empower women in business and particularly to support female founders on their journey. Katja has worked as a C-level finance executive in Private Equity across Primaries, Secondaries and Buyout and also acted as CFO of a SIX listed investment company. Lastly, Katja was a Partner and CFO at montana capital partners where she played an instrumental role in the exit process of the company to PGIM, the asset management arm of Prudential. She has a thorough background in structured finance, financial due diligence processes, transaction structuring both on the buy and sell side, fundraising processes, tax and legal, and investor relations. She is a Swiss Certified Accountant (Swiss CPA) and holds a M.A. in Business Administration from the University of Zurich. In addition, she is a Certified Digital Marketing Professional.

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Christian Diller

Christian is Co-founder and Managing Partner of emma Ventures. His passion is to promote creative founders working in diverse teams and supporting them on their journey to build attractive and sustainable business models. Christian was Co-founder and Managing Partner of montana capital partners and went through the entire process from building the company from scratch to a leading secondary firm with multi-billion assets.Thereby he worked together with some of the world’s most sophisticated institutional investors. He was part of the investment committee and has led more than 40 deals. In 2021, the business was successfully exited to PGIM, the asset management arm of US insurance giant Prudential. He holds a Ph.D. in Finance from the Technical University of Munich in which he analysed the success factors of investing in private equity. He studied business administration at the LMU Munich.

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Contact us

Please do not hesitate to reach out to us. We are based in Switzerland near Zurich. We are excited to hear from you and to learn more about how we could work together!

Emma Ventures founders Katja Bauer and Christian Diller