emma Ventures acts as lead investor in the oversubscribed EUR 2.2 million seed round for Munich based baby health start-up Lilio Health
Jan 10, 2024

emma Ventures acts as lead investor in the oversubscribed EUR 2.2 million seed round for Munich based baby health start-up Lilio Health

Innovative baby sensor bracelet “Lilio” gives parents important insights into their child's health

The financing round led by emma Ventures in a challenging market environment was oversubscribed and shows the strong conviction of the renowned and international investor base

Well-known business angels such as the founders of Toniebox, the Swiss medical retail company bestsmile, Deinhandy.de and Kitchen Stories as well as KinTower Ventures are on board

Munich, 20.11.2023 - The Munich-based baby health start-up Lilio Health (formerly Leevi Health) has successfully closed its seed financing round at EUR 2.2 million in an extremely challenging market environment. The innovative hardware product, which provides parents with meaningful insights into their baby's well-being at any time, and the excellent founders Dr. Nadine and Björn Wunderlich convinced the investors. The capital inflow from the seed round will be used for the final go-to-market preparations and the subsequent scaling of production and sales.

New parents spend an average of five hours a day worrying about their child's health. The intelligent Baby Bracelet Lilio has a newly developed and record-small sensor module that continuously monitors the baby's well-being indicators and transmits them directly to the parents' smartphone. Thanks to its ergonomic optimization, the lifestyle product can be worn day and night without restriction, thus entering a new segment of wearables for babies and toddlers. This gives parents the certainty that their child is doing well or they are notified at an early stage in the event of deviations from the normal patterns of the values (monitored by an AI algorithm). The continuous recording of well-being indicators (e.g. heart rate and oxygen saturation) in the app makes it much easier to clarify any anomalies with the paediatrician and also enables long-term monitoring of the child's health development.

The seed round led by emma Ventures was oversubscribed. In addition to the existing investors (including well-known business angels such as Robert Ermich, Mengting Bönsch, Dr. Gesa Miczaika as well as Michala Rudorfer and Martina Pfeifer from encourageventures), the founders of the Swiss medical retail chain bestsmile, the Toniebox founders and KinTower Ventures are now joining the high-quality investor base.

"The idea for Lilio was born out of our own need to better monitor and understand the long-term health of our newborn children," says Dr. Nadine Wunderlich, who founded Leevi Health together with her husband Björn. "We are very happy that we have been able to raise a total of over 3.5 million euros to realize our vision of relieving parents of the burden of caring for their child's health. This will make parents’ life much easier in the future."

"With the technical development of such a small sensor module, it is possible for us to bring a comfortable wearable for babies and toddlers to the market for the first time. Our state-of-the-art technology and AI algorithms will also provide completely new insights into children's health - from newborns to toddlers," explains Björn Wunderlich.

"The outstanding and highly motivated founding couple, together with the entire Lilio Health team, convinced us that they will successfully master the challenge of bringing an innovative lifestyle wearable for babies and toddlers to the market," says Katja Baur, co-founder and Managing Partner of emma Ventures. "We are very much looking forward to the imminent market entry of Lilio Health, as we are convinced that it will meet a real need of parents and also create significant added value in the healthcare space for babies and toddlers," adds Dr. Christian Diller, co-founder and Managing Partner of emma Ventures.

Further information: lilio-health.com